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[A][S] Doug Schmidt Adaptive Middleware and High Performance Software For Multi-core Deployments Across Cloud Configurations
[A] John Kloke, Joseph McKean, Patrick Kimes, Hilary Parker Adaptive Nonparametric Statistics with Applications to Gene Expression Data
[A][S] Yann Richet, David Ginsbourger, Olivier Roustant, Yves Deville A Grid Computing Environment for Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments
[A] Ansgar Steland A high-performance compiler for a subset of R
[A][S] Steven Ellis An Algorithm for Unconstrained Quadratically Penalized Convex Optimization
[A][S] Richard Bilonick Analysis of Data from Method Comparison Studies Using R, merror, and OpenMx
[A] James Yen, Stephen Ellison Analysis of interlaboratory studies using R and the metRology package
[A][S] Brian Hess, Michele Chambers Analytics at Scale with R
[A][S] Paul Teetor Analytics for Trading Financial Spreads
[A][S] Liang Wei, Brendan Kitts Analyzing Direct Marketing Data with R
[A][S] Tal Galili, Shaul Shaul, Yoav Benjamini Analyzing the Operational RNA Code for Amino Acids - Using R
[A] W. F. Guthrie, H. Liu An Excel Interface for Functions in the meRology Package
[A][S] Ralf Bierig, Jacek Gwizdka, Michael Cole, Nicholas Belkin An Experiment Data Analysis Framework: Evaluating Interactive Information Behaviour with R
[A][S] Autumn Laughbaum Animated Graphics using R
[A][S] Richard M. Heiberger An Intermediate Course in Statistical Computing
[A][S] Richard M. Heiberger, G. Jay Kerns A Plot Method for "htest" Objects
[A] David Wheeler, Kai Yu, Melissa Friesen Are there latent decision rules in expert occupational exposure assessments?
[A][S] Nadeem Faiz A Simple Visualization of S and P 500 Index Performance
[A][S] Ashoka Polpitiya, Navdeep Jaitly, Konstantinos Petritis A Tool for Quantitative Analysis of Proteomics Data
[A] Rudiger Kessel Automatic R-script generation for Monte Carlo Simulations
[A][S] Jeff Skinner, VIvek Gopalan, Jason Barnett, Yentram Huyen Automating biostatistics workflows for bench scientists using R-based web-tools
[A][S] Leslie AICHAOUI-DENEVE, Vincent FROMION, Matthieu JULES, Ludovic LE CHAT BaSyLiCA:A web interface for automatic process of Live Cell Array data using R
[A][S] Yue Wang, Narinder Nangia Bayesian Monitoring of A Longitudinal Clinical Trial Using R2WinBUGS
[A][S] M. Helena Goncalves, M. Salome Cabral, Adelchi Azzalini bild: a package for BInary Longitudinal Data
[A][S] Christopher Bilder, Boan Zhang, Frank Schaarschmidt, Joshua Tebbs binGroup: A Package for Group Testing
[A][S] Hector Sanz, Isaac Subirana, Joan Vila Bivariate Analyses
[A][S] Tal Galili Blogging about R
[A][S] Heather Turner, David Firth BradleyTerry2: Flexible Models for Paired Comparisons
[A] Collin Bennett, Dave Locke, Robert Grossman, Steve Vejcik Building Segmented Models Using R and Hadoop
[A][S] Bryan Hanson ChemoSpec: An R Package for the Chemometric Analysis of Spectroscopic Data
[A] Qiushan Tao ChinaMap: Maps of China for analysing spatial data
[A] Hsin-Ying Hsieh, Kun-Hsien Lin, Sun-Chong Wang Cloud-R: toward a community-backed R in the cloud
[A] Jeffrey Ryan Column Databases Made Easy with R
[A] Daniel Kaplan Computers and the Teaching of Statistics
[A][S] Yihui Xie Creating Animations with R
[A][S] Eric Sun Criss-Crossing the Org Chart: Predicting Colleague Interactions with R
[A][S] Andrew Runnalls CXXR and Add-on Packages
[A][S] Derek Norton David v. Goliath: How to build an R presence in a corporate SAS environment
[A][S] Ian Fellows Deducer: A Graphical useR interface for everyone
[A][S] Sheri Gilley Designing a Flexible GUI for R
[A] Guria Sibnarayan Diagnostics in Count Data Model
[A] Mark van der Loo Distribution based outlier detection with the extremevalues package
[A][S] Sourish Saha, Vladimir Anisimov, Valerii Fedorov, Richard Heiberger Drug Supply Modeling Software
[A] Christopher Brown Eat your hashes! Hash come to R
[A] Karim Chine Elastic-R, a Google docs-like portal for data analysis in the Cloud
[A] Max Buot Estimating a multivariate normal covariance matrix subject to a Loewner ordering
[A][S] Michal Figurski, Leslie Shaw Estimation of the Area-Under-the-Curve of Mycophenolic Acid using population pharmacokinetic and multi-linear regression models simultaneously
[A][S] Giles Crane, Cynthia Collins, Karin Mille Evaluating Grant Applications with Generalized Chain Block Designs in R
[A][S] David Smith Evolving R for Use in Commercial Environments
[A][S] Keith Halbert, Richard Heiberger, Erich Neuwirth Export pivot table to R using RExcel
[A] Guido Knapp, Bimal Sinha, Dihua Xu Extracting within-experiment precision of horticultural experiments useful for meta-analysis
[A] Z.Q. John Lu, F. Potra, A. J. Wang Fitting Multiphase Regression Models in R with Applications in Microarray Experiments
[A][S] Abhijit Dasgupta Flexible report generation and literate programming using R and Python's docutils module
[A] Robert Samohyl, Elisa Henning Forecast Monitoring via Multivariate Statistical Process Control with R
[A] Daniela Ushizima Front propagation using fast marching in R
[A] Ana Carolina CN Mafra, Ricardo Cordeiro, Luciana B Nucci, Celso Stephan Generalized additive models to nomial responses using bivariate Kernel: an solution to spatial analysis.Generalized additive models to nomial responses using bivariate Kernel: an solution to spatial analysis.
[A][S] Alex Zolot Generalized Linear Mixed Model with Spatial Covariates
[A] Thomas Achia Generalized linear spatial modeling of HIV in Kenya
[A][S] Daniel V. Samarov Generalized Significance in Scale Space: The GS3 Package
[A][S] Carlin Brickner, Iordan Slavov, Rocco Napoli Graphics Device Tabular Output
[A][S] Tom Filloon, Dave Dunlop How to Effectively Visualize and Quantify a 3-D Image?
[A][S] Brian Hess, Michele Chambers In-database analytics with R
[A][S] Fayaz Kondagula, Karl Molt Infrared Spectrometric Purity Control of Chemical Substances using R
[A] Xuefei Mi, H. Friedrich Utz, Albrecht E. Melchinger Integrated Development of the Software with Literate Programming: An Example in Plant Breeding
[A][S] Wesley Turner, Jeff Baumes, Phillipe Pebay, Thomas Otahal Integration of R to VTK, Adding Statistical Computation to a Visualization Toolkit
[A] Panayotis Giannakouros, Lihua Chen Introducing computational thinking with free software in a math for liberal arts course
[A][S] Erich Neuwirth Investigating ODEs with R and spreadsheets
[A][S] Setia Pramana, Dan Lin, Philippe Haldermans, Ziv Shkedy IsoGeneGUI: a graphical user interface for analyzing dose-response studies in microarray experiments
[A][S] Yves Rosseel lavaan: an R package for structural equation modeling and more
[A][S] Lou Bajuk-Yorgan, Stephen Kaluzny Making R accessible to Business Analysts with TIBCO Spotfire
[A][S] Stefan Theussl, Kurt Hornik, David Meyer Many Solvers, One Interface - ROI, the R Optimization Infrastructure Package
[A] Jim Porzak Marketing Analytics in R
[A][S] Przemyslaw Biecek, Pawel Chudzian, Cezary Dendek, Justin Lindsey Massively parallel analytics for large datasets in R with nza package
[A] Hung-kung Liu, Steve Ellison, William Guthrie, Antonio Possolo metRology - a new R package for statistical metrology
[A] Jeff Cromwell Model Maker 1: Using Model Based Ontologies for Agent Based Estimation and Learning of R Packages
[A] Joseph Kahn, Peter Danenberg, Sourav Das, Derek Ayers Model simulation and decision analysis with the SimR package in R
[A][S] Irina Roslyakova Modified segmentation methods of quasi-stationary time series
[A] Giuseppe Bruno Monte Carlo Simulation for Pricing European and American Basket option
[A][S] Dai Feng, Luke Tierney mritc - A package for MRI tissue classification
[A] Richard Pugh, John James Navigator: creating and managing complex graphics in a production environment
[A][S] Patrick Mair, Reinhold Hatzinger New developments for extended Rasch modeling in R
[A][S] Andrew Redd NppToR: R Interaction for Notepad++
[A] Porzak Jim, Conway Drew, Pafka Szilard, Nash John Panel on Starting and Building a Local R User Group
[A][S] Junji Nakano, Ei-ji Nakama Parallel Computing with R using GridRPC
[A] Ron Guida Parallelizing a Computationally Intensive Financial R Application with Zircon Technology
[A] Yauheniya Cherkas, Javier Cabrera, Birol Emir, Ha Nguyen PfarMineR: An User-Friendly Expandable Front-End For Biopharmaceutical Applications with R
[A] Andrew Lampitt Placing the Power of R into Your Hands
[A] Christopher Snyder, Keith Halbert Plotting Advanced Mathematical Functions in Excel Using RExcel
[A][S] Alex Guazzelli, Konstantinos Stathatos, Michael Zeller PMML Execution of R Built Predictive Solutions
[A] Marie Vendettuoli, Dianne Cook, Heike Hofmann Points, Curves and Haystacks: Datavis and Metabolomics
[A] Neil Shah, Guruprasad Kora, Paul Breimyer, Yekaterina Shpanskaya pR: Enabling Automatic Parallelization of Data-Parallel Tasks and Interfacing Parallel Computing Libraries in R with Application to Fusion Reaction Simulations
[A][S] Erich Neuwirth, Julia Theresa Csar Prototyping Preventive Maintenance Tools with R
[A] Fausto Molinari, Martina Salvadori R-Adamant: Financial technical analysis made easy
[A] David Reinke, Steve Miller R and BI -- Integrating R with Open Source Business Intelligence Platforms Pentaho and Jaspersoft
[A] Shengqiao Li, Donald Adjeroh, E. James Harner Random KNN Classification and Regression
[A][S] Paul Rustomji, Brent Henderson, Katie Mills, Bai Qifeng R as a statistical engine for a water quality trend analysis web -service
[A][S] Dirk Eddelbuettel, Romain Francois Rcpp: Seamless R and C++ integration
[A][S] Norman Matloff Rdsm: Distributed (Quasi-)Threads Programming in R
[A][S] Adrian Dragulescu Read, write, format Excel 2007 (xlsx) files
[A][S] Drew Conway Real-time network analysis in R using Twitter
[A][S] John Emerson, Michael Kane, Bryan Lewis Real-time processing and analysis of data streams
[A][S] Anup Parikh, Kyle Covington Red-R: A visual programming and data analysis framework
[A][S] Gloria Ronzoni, Ettore Colombo, Matteo Fontana R for Labour Market Policies
[A] Tom Taverner, Ashoka Polpitiya, Gordon A Anderson, Richard D Smith RGtk2Extras and DanteR: rapid GUI development for an "omics" R package
[A] Tom Taverner, Ashoka Polpitiya, Gordon A Anderson, Richard D Smith RGtk2Extras and DanteR: rapid GUI development for an "omics" R package
[A] Matthias Templ, Karel Hron, Peter Filzmoser robCompositions: An R-package for robust statistical analysis of compositional data
[A][S] Inga Maslova R package wfIMA: Wavelet-Functional Indexes of Magnetic Activity
[A][S] Romain Francois, Dirk Eddelbuettel RProtoBuf: Protocol Buffers for R
[A][S] Dirk Eddelbuettel, Khanh Nguyen RQuantLib: Bridging QuantLib and R
[A][S] Ettore Colombo, Gloria Ronzoni, Matteo Fontana R role in Business Intelligence Software Architecture
[A][S] Christophe Genolini, Bernard Desgraupes, Lionel Riou Franca R to LaTeX / HTML
[A][S] Margaret Mio-Julia, Arnau Mir, Monica J. Ruiz-Miro R-TREE: Implementation of Decision Trees using R
[A][S] Karl-Dieter Crisman Sage and R: Using R via the Sage notebook
[A] Mario Inchiosa, Cezary Dendek, Przemysaw Biecek Scalable linear algebra with the nzmatrix package
[A][S] Soeren Sonnenburg, Gunnar Raetsch, Sebastian Henschel, Christian Widmer SHOGUN - A Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox
[A] Mieczyslaw Klopotek, Przemyslaw Biecek, Justin Lindsey Simple Bayesian Networks on Netezza Box
[A][S] George Zhang Social network analysis with R sna package
[A][S] Pete Philipson, Ruwanthi Kolamunnage-Dona, Ines Sousa Software for the joint modelling of longitudinal and survival data: the JoineR package
[A][S] Martin Maechler, Douglas Bates Sparse Model Matrices for (Generalized) Linear Models
[A] Bjorn Roelstraete, Yves Rosseel spmR: An R package For fMRI Data Analysis Based On The SPM Algorithms.
[A][S] Muriel Mewissen, Thorsten Forster, Terry Sloan, Savvas Petrou SPRINT: a Simple Parallel INTerface to High Performance Computing and a Parallel R Function Library.
[A][S] Ravi Varadhan SQUAREM: An R package for Accelerating Slowly Convergent Fixed-Point Iterations Including the EM and MM algorithms
[A][S] Michael Halter, Daniel R. Sisan, K.M. Mullen, Z.Q. John Lu Statistical Analysis of Cell Population Data
[A][S] Gang Chen, Ziad Saad, Robert Cox Statistical Analysis Programs in R for FMRI Data
[A][S] Joerg Polzehl, Karsten Tabelow Statistical Issues in Accessing Brain Functionality and Anatomy
[A][S] Landon Jensen steReoscopy
[A][S] Frank Mannino, Richard Heiberger, Valerii Fedorov Stochastic modeling and simulation in the design of multicenter clinical trials
[A][S] Bill Ladd Structured Text Access and Analysis
[A][S] Joan Vila, Montse Rue, Nuria Codern, Albert Sorribas Teaching Statistics: An example of "How to'' improve the students' statistical skills using individualized assignments
[A][S] Thomas Roth, Joachim Herrmann Teaching Statistics in Quality Science using the R-Package qualityTools
[A] Ken Aho Teaching statistics to biologists: the R-library asbio
[A][S] Michael Larsen Teaching Survey Sampling Theory using R
[A][S] Dedi Rosadi Teaching Time Series analysis course using RcmdrPlugin.Econometrics
[A] Ivan Kojadinovic, Jun Yan Tests in Modeling Continuous Multivariate Distributions Using Copulas
[A][S] Marlene Marchena The bullwhip effect under a generalized demand process: an R implementation
[A][S] Max Kuhn The caret Package: A Unified Interface for Predictive Models
[A][S] Bill Pikounis, John Oleynick The cg package for comparison of groups
[A] Jo Reynaerts, Ravi Varadhan, John C. Nash The Convergence Properties of the BLP (1995) Contraction Mapping and Alternative Algorithms in R
[A][S] Jonathan Lees The Haiti Earthquake: Seismological Analysis Using R
[A][S] G. Jay Kerns The IPSUR package: an Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R
[A][S] John Fox The RcmdrPlugin.survival Package: A Survival-Analysis GUI for R
[A][S] Eric Wu, Patrick Mair, Peter Bentler The REQS package for linking the SEM software EQS to R
[A][S] Andreas Alfons, Matthias Templ, Peter Filzmoser The R package simFrame: An object-oriented approach towards simulation studies in statistics
[A][S] John Verzani The traitr package
[A] Michael OConnell, Subra Subramanian The use of R, S+ and Spotfire in the Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub Environment
[A][S] Hrishikesh Vinod Time Series Inference Applications of R in Finance and Econometrics
[A] Kuntal Bhattacharyya, Pratim Datta, David Booth To Do or Not To Do Business with a Country: A Robust Classification Approach
[A] Benjamin Mazzotta Trade Cartograms: a Graphical Method for Dyadic Datasets
[A] Jeffrey Ryan Trading in Real Time with R and IBrokers
[A][S] Jeremy Raw TravelR: Travel Demand Modeling in R
[A] Ganesh Subramaniam, Ravi Varadhan, Simon Urbanek, Sam Epstein tsX: An R package for the exploratory analysis of a large collection of time-series
[A][S] Michael Fay Two-sided Exact Tests and Matching Confidence Intervals for Discrete Data
[A][S] Zack Almquist US Census Spatial and Demographic Data in R: the UScensus2000-suite of packages
[A] John James Use of and Using R as on Object Oriented Language
[A][S] Jing Hua Zhao Use of R in Genetic Epidemiology Designs
[A] Karim Chine User friendly distributed computing with R
[A] Pascal Neveu, Juliette Fabre Using ontologies for R functions management
[A][S] Arnau Mir, Margaret Miro-Julia, Monica J. Ruiz-Miro Using R for Active Learning and Self-assesment in an e-Learning Environment
[A][S] Vincent Negre, Caroline Domerg, Juliette Fabre, Anne Tireau Using R for data management in ecophysiology Information Systems
[A] Nelson Afanador Using R for Data Mining in Vaccine Manufacturing: Finding Needles in Biological Haystacks
[A] Yingyun Liu Using R for Data Simulation and Regression of Isothermal Titration Calorimetry of Proteins with Alternative Conformations
[A][S] Neil Diamond Using R for the Visualisation of Computer Experiments
[A] Zubin Dowlaty, Deepak Bysani Using R in an Event Driven Service Architecture
[A][S] Brian A. Danielak, Andrew Elby, Eric Kuo, Michael M. Hull Using R to Assess Mathematical Sense-Making in Introductory Physics Courses
[A] Christian Gunning Using Rwave to detect synchrony of influenza between U.S. states
[A] Christopher Brown Venn : Powerful and High-Level and Set Manipulating ... a whole new way of working with data
[A][S] Yue Shentu visualization of titrated dose and recurring events using R/ggplot2
[A][S] Jeroen Ooms Web development with R